Fixed Rounds


6 rounds of:

1 minute of burpees

1 minute of air squats

1 minute of double unders

1 minute rest


The bodyweight version of The Ghost; replicating six three-minute rounds in a fight. Don’t hold back, this is about mental toughness.

Advanced scores would be 20 burpees, 50 air squats and 70 double unders. Intermediate would be 17 burpees, 45 air squats, 60 double unders.

Beginners aim for 10-15 burpees, 30-40 air squats and 40-50 double unders. Aim to match each round rep for rep!

If you are new to double unders this is the PERFECT workout to practice them, it is controlled by the time limit which means that you won’t get held back by this movement.

Use each minute to do as many double under attempts as possible. My guidance is to always start each attempt with 2 single unders then jump extra high when you go for your double under.

It’s easy to default to singles in workouts but it’s mega-important that you practice a high-intensity workout environment – you will surprise yourself!