AMRAP (with a Partner) in 18 minutes 6 Rounds of:

1 minute Plank Hold / Push-Ups

1 minute Wall Sit Hold / Jumping Squats

1 minute Handstand Hold / Hollow Rocks

One partner does the hold while the other does the movement. Swap after each completed 3 minute round.


Partner one stays on the hold station for each of the three one minute stations in the three minute round.

Once the three minute round is completed partner one and partner two switch places so partner two is doing the holds for each one minute station.

Score is the total number of repetitions (Push-Ups, Jumping Squats, and Hollow Rocks) completed with partners’ scores combined.

Tips and Strategy Try to recover your breathing and slow your heart rate down as much as possible when completing the static holds.

Keep an eye on funky foot positioning when doing high rep jumping squats, they can have a mind of their own! Intended Stimulus You want to keep moving for the minute so choose a movement or progression of the movement that allows you to keep it going.

The partner working on static holds should be able to breathe through those holds and have some chance to recover a bit during those three minutes.

Scaling Move Push-Ups to a raised surface or sub for Push-Up negatives if you cannot do Push-Ups.

Try 30 seconds per leg of single leg Wall Sits if Wall Sit feels too easy. Work on nose and toes only against the wall on the stomach to wall handstand for extra challenge.

Hold a weight over your head (heavy book or odd object) to give you that extra burn on hollow rocks.