For time


5 minute Run

50 Air Squats

5 minute Run

50 Burpees

5 minute Run

50 Push-Ups

5 minute Run

50 Sit-Ups

Time Cap: 45 minutes


With a running clock, as fast as possible perform the prescribed work in the order written.

Score is the time on the clock when the 50th Sit-Up is completed. Tips and Strategy The goal in “Domino” should be to do the workouts between the runs as fast as possible with short breaks.

For the Burpees, set series of 10 and for the Push-Ups series of 5-10 repetitions. “Dominos” should take no longer than 45 minutes.

Scaling Options If the given variation is too hard for you, scale “Domino” by doing half the repetition of each exercise.